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Cream is a network of Australia's top chefs & venue owners transforming how restaurants are discovered, one restaurant recommendation at a time.

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Restaurant discovery with integrity.

The way restaurants are discovered no longer works.

Diners believe most reviews are fake or paid-for and chefs & restaurateurs don't win in a system that rewards trends and gimmicks over quality.

Cream is where a network of top chefs & restaurateurs post their credible, insider recommendations, that simultaneously provides diners with information they can trust, and chefs a system rewarding the best experiences.

What you're saying about Cream

Guy GrossiExec Chef/Owner ofGrossi Florentino
"I think the industry would really benefit from an initiative like this.

It’d be something guests could confidently rely on knowing recommendations have come from industry professionals. You’d know it was honest and legitimate.

And what a great way to support the hospitality industry."
Dave VerheulExec Chef/Owner ofEmbla
"It’s great having the chance to support the venues I love to eat at.

Seeing others’ insider tips is pretty invaluable, too."
Dave MoyleOwner ofFranklin
"I love how this works.

It’s exciting to finally have a platform where we can use our insider knowledge of the industry to give people more trustworthy recommendations on where to eat, and in turn help the venues that are doing great things."

The impact of each recommendation.

With each genuine recommendation, chefs & restaurateurs make it easier for quality venues to be discovered because they shift the focus back to great food, drink, and hospitality.

With Cream, the best experiences win, not just the best marketing.

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Cream is a network of Australia's top hospitality professionals.

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Feature the venues you work at or own, your position at each, and talk about your latest projects in your bio to make it easier for diners and other hospitality professionals to discover you.

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